Born from the Federal Source Code Policy, Code.gov is on a mission to become the primary platform where America shares its code.

The Code.gov API is a public GET API. Data from the API will be delivered in JSON format. All of our data is provided to us by our partner agencies and is fully available to the public.

The Code.gov front-end is found in the code-gov-front-end repository. This React app is modular, configurable and customizable.

Get started

We have organized this site into four major areas:

  • API basics introduces you to the operations offered by the API.
  • Route & Field reference lists and describes the type of information provided by the API.
  • API Key will be provided by api.data.gov for more personal access of API data.
  • Configure describes how to configure and customize the front-end.
  • Feedback provides a forum for developers to share feedback and report problems.